Straight Micro Steel Fibers could be applied in ASTM A820 TYPE I standard and CE Certificate DS/EN 14889-1:2006
Straight Micro Steel Fiber (Copper Coated Micro Steel Fiber) comply with ASTM A820 TYPE I standard. Parts comply with CE Certificate EN 14889-2006
SHENZHEN CHINARY CO., LTD. specializes in providing Raw Materials of Metals and Chemicals products for customers all over the world
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SHENZHEN CHINARY CO., LTD. (below as Shenzhen Chinary) was founded in Shenzhen, China in Oct, 1997 and has specialized in Raw Materials like Metals, Chemicals and Steel Fibres for more than 20 years. As a professional manufacturer, supplier, exporter and partner, we supply the qualified Chemicals, Copper Products, Metal powder, Steel Fibres etc at more competitive prices for the customers in EU, North America, South America and Asia for the long term. 
Our products cover Chemicals, Steel Fibres(Brass Coated Micro Steel Fibresand Refractory Steel Fibres), Metal Products(Iron Carbonyl Powder Titanium Powder, Stainless Steel Powder) , etc. SHENZHEN CHINARY is one of your most reliable suppliers. We appreciate it greatly that our customers trust and support us for years. We keep to help every customer save coins and offer the qualified products with punctual shipment at competitive prices.
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