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Titanium Powder

Commodity   Titanium Powder (Granule, Powder) & Titanium Hydride Powder
Molecular formulaTi & TiH2
SpecificationTiHONCFeSiClParticle Size
Ti-199.60% Min0.03% Max0.25% Max0.02% Max0.02% Max0.08% Max0.02% Max0.04% Maxfrom 2500 to 45 micron, or as your request
Ti-299.50% Min0.03% Max0.35% Max0.03% Max0.02% Max0.08% Max0.02% Max0.04% Max
Ti-399.40% Min0.04% Max0.35% Max0.04% Max0.03% Max0.08% Max0.03% Max0.08% Max
Ti-499.40% Min0.04% Max0.45% Max0.04% Max0.04% Max0.10% Max0.04% Max0.10% Max
Ti-599.10% Min0.08% Max0.45% Max0.06% Max0.05% Max0.15% Max0.05% Max0.15% Max
Ti-698.00% Min0.20% Max0.60% Max0.10% Max0.10% Max0.45% Max0.15% Max0.15% Max
Ti-796.00% Min1.00% Max0.80% Max0.20% Max0.12% Max1.00% Max0.30% Max0.20% Max
TiH95.00% Min4.00% Min0.20% Max0.03% Max0.02% Max0.02% Maxd50: about 10 micron, d95: about 30 micron, d100 below 120 micron
Packingin iron drums with inner plastic bags of 25/50Kgs net each, or as your request
Usesmetal injection molding (MIM), powder metallurgy (PM), additive, spraying, fireworks, a foaming agent for aluminum foam manufacturing process etc.
Remarks1.       Titanium Powder and Titanium Alloy Powder (I.E. Ti-6Al-4V etc) could be produced as F 1580-07 by hydrogenation and dehydrogenation (HDH) process. We’d provide many kinds (I.E. Ti 90% - 97% min.) of Titanium Powder with the different particle size for the customers according to their demands.
2.       If you will have any requirement about specifications like chemicals and particle size, please don't hesitate to contact us so as to supply the solution meet your demands.

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