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Manganese Oxalate

Use in material of manganese compounds, reagent, photosensitizer of semiconductor, Li battery and so on.

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Commodity   Manganese Oxalate (dihydrate)Manganese Oxalate (anhydrous)
Molecular formulaMnC2O4•2H2OMnC2O4
Molecular weight178.99142.95
Impurity98.0% min.98.5% min. 
SO40.02% max.0.05% max.
Fe50 ppm max.0.01% max.
Pb50 ppm max.0.01% max.
Ni50 ppm max.0.01% max.
Cu20 ppm max.0.005% max.
Ca-0.05% max.
Mg-0.05% max.
Na100 ppm max.100 ppm max.
Particle Sizepassing through 200 mesh 98% min.d50=3-5 micron
Packingin compound kraft paper bags with inner two in one film bags of 25Kgs net each, on pallete or as your request.
Usesmaterial of manganese compounds, reagent, photosensitizer of semiconductor, lithium battery and so on.
Remarksif you will have the requirements about specifications, please don't hesitate to contact us so as to study it and meet your demands.

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