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AlTiB Alloy

  • AlTi5B1
Commodity   AlTiB Alloy
AITiB (5/1)5% Ti, 1% Bcut rod: diameter 9.5mm, length 10 - 1000mm;
coil: 180+/- 20kgs/coil, inner dia of coil: 360/380mm;
small ingot: 250g/pc.
in nominal 1MT pallet boxes or drums;
3 coils on pallet, strapped and protectec from moisture;
in nominal 1MT pallet.
AITiB (3/1)3% Ti, 1% B
AITiB (5/0.2)5% Ti, 0.2% B
AITiB (3/0.2)3% Ti, 0.2% B
Applicationas the addition of AlTiB to molten aluminium it releases nucleant particles that promote equiaxed, fine grain structures throughout the cast Aluminum Alloy and achieves the following benefits:
-Improved homogeneity
-Uniform distribution of element
-Reduced porosity and Elimination of hot tearing
-Enhanced response to heat treatment
-Superior mechanical properties
-Increased machinability
Remarksif you will have the requirements about specifications, please don't hesitate to contact us so as to produce it according to your demands.

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