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Lead Nitrate

Commodity    Lead Nitrate   
Molecular formula Pb(NO3)2
Molecular weight 331.2
Character white crystalline, relative density 4.53 ( 20 ºC ), easily soluble in water, liquid ammonia, light dissolve in ethyl alcohol, not dissolve in concentrated nitrate acid, solubility 56.5g / 100g water ( 20 ºC ). Dry lead nitrate decompose at 205 -223 ºC. Damp Lead Nitrate decompose at 100 ºC , first become Pb(NO3)2·PbO, go on heating, then become PbO. It is strong oxidant, putting together with organics will lead it burning, noxious
Specification Pb (NO32 Cu               Fe              Moisture  HNO           Insoluble matter in water 
99% min. 0.005% max. 0.002% max. 1.5% max. 0.2% max. 0.05% max.                      
Packing  in bags of 25Kg /1000Kgs net each, or as your request 
Uses  medical astringent; tanning material for leather-making; dyeing mordant; photograph promoting agent; flotation for ore; chemical reagents; and also used for making fireworks, match, and other lead salts 
Remarks  if you will have the requirements about specifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us so as to study it and meet your demands