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Boric Acid

Commodity   Boric Acid
Molecular formula H3BO3
Character       odorless white powder or scalelike crystal with smooth felt, soluble in water, ethanol, glycerol, ether and essential oil. Aqueous solution is weak acidic. It will gradually lose water if heated, and will produce boron anhydrous at 300℃.
Specification H3BO3 Insolubles in Water   SO4       Cl  Fe     Pb
99.5% min 0.05% max. 0.10 max. 0.01% max. 0.0010% max. 0.0010% max.
Packing  in plastic woven bags of 50Kg or as your request 
Uses  heat resistant glass, glass fibres, porcelain enamals, boron chemicals, metallurgy, flame retardant in sellulosic insulation, mattress batting, fungus control and textile products.
Storage store in a cool, dry, well ventilated place out of direct sunlight. Store away from metals, reducing agents, alkali carbonates and hydroxides.
Remarks  if you will have the requirements about specifications, please don’ t hesitate to contact us so as to study it and meet your demands